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Family Stories

Last weekend I had the privilege of running a program called “Family Stories” at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center in New York City.  It was a wonderful workshop.  It included parts of our TIP TOP program for families who are built with the assistance of donor sperm or donor eggs or who…

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Getting Unplugged and Family Building

There is so much discussion in the media these days about excessive attachment to the internet and the importance of unplugging.  So, what is the truth?  Is it really bad for us?  Maybe. In a Huffington Post article written by John Swartzberg, M.D., Chair of the editorial board for BerkeleyWellness.com, he shared his view that…

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Give the gift of time

Give the gift of time and your children are more likely to give you the gift of willingness. Time is something we can not make more of. We take it for granted, and our children take it for granted, but whether we spend less or more time with our children can have a cumulative effect…

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The Holiday Season’s Biggest Grinch: Infertility

The holidays can be the happiest time of the year… or the saddest. According to the National Institutes of Health, there is a high incidence of depression during December’s holiday season. Hospitals report an increase in the number of suicides or attempted suicides during this time of year. Mental health professionals report a significant increase…

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Having a guide can make the journey so much better.

This summer I took a hike with a guide in the Grand Canyon. I wanted to go on a guided hike because I thought I could learn about the Canyon. Much like having a guide in a museum, I thought having a Grand Canyon guide would help me understand things about the beauty and creation…

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Being Your Child’s Advocate: When “Just Try Harder” Doesn’t Work.

Despite the ever-widening public understanding and acceptance of emotional or learning differences, it is still difficult for parents to accept their child’s limitations.  For many reasons, we want our children to be “perfect” and so have an easier time in life.  Of course, it is understandable that we, as parents, would rather not have to endure…

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