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Beginning your Life Book can feel rewarding and enjoyable.  The Life Book is a pre-baby book.  If a third party participated in creating your family, information about that process and your unique story will be included. If you used your genetics and the assistance of reproductive medicine, a story that mentions the people who helped you become a parent can be included as well.


The Life Book will tell the story of how your child was born in your heart and finally arrived in your home. Children love hearing about how they came into the world and the Life Book can help them feel connected to their beginnings. Over the years, we have seen children use their Life Books to help them tell their friends and teachers about their personal stories and we see adolescents treasure their Life Books during times when they are exploring their identities and trying to understand who they are in the world. Some children, just like adults, are private and others are very open. Regardless of your child’s temperament, they will treasure their Life Book as it chronicles their unique and personal story.

Young children understand information in concrete terms and will understand more nuanced and abstract information as they grow. Since the Life Book is an important object for your child to hold on to and cherish through the years, it needs to be appealing to children of all ages.  Fortunately, our Life Book is interactive, colorful and uses concepts that work for kids of every age.

It is never too late to start your Life Book.  If your child is already in your home, creating the Life Book can be a wonderful experience to share with your child or your partner.

Our Life Book is self-explanatory but if you need suggestions please contact us, we are always here to help.

Warm wishes on your journey.

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