Building a Family

Why #LGBTQFamiliesDay Means So Very Much

For many years now, I have been advocating, supporting, educating and assisting LGBTQ couples and individuals to build the family of their dreams. We live in an incredible time where there isn’t just one path to parenthood. Whether it’s through adoption, egg and sperm donation or gestational carrier arrangements, families can come in many shapes,…

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Family Stories

Last weekend I had the privilege of running a program called “Family Stories” at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center in New York City.  It was a wonderful workshop.  It included parts of our TIP TOP program for families who are built with the assistance of donor sperm or donor eggs or who…

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Getting Unplugged and Family Building

There is so much discussion in the media these days about excessive attachment to the internet and the importance of unplugging.  So, what is the truth?  Is it really bad for us?  Maybe. In a Huffington Post article written by John Swartzberg, M.D., Chair of the editorial board for, he shared his view that…

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The Holiday Season’s Biggest Grinch: Infertility

The holidays can be the happiest time of the year… or the saddest. According to the National Institutes of Health, there is a high incidence of depression during December’s holiday season. Hospitals report an increase in the number of suicides or attempted suicides during this time of year. Mental health professionals report a significant increase…

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Choosing Non Genetic Parenthood

So, you want to find a donor or birthparent who possesses qualities you see in yourself, or perhaps even better? That makes sense. Angelina Jolie adopted her first child, but most people choose to have genetically related children first. It’s natural to want children who are connected to us, and the people we love. If…

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