“To say the guidance we got from Lisa was life changing would be an understatement. She allowed us to imagine possibilities for our future family we would never have allowed ourselves. Our present family today is a direct result of her bold and decisive advice and we will always be grateful.”
-John and Jeff
“We sought Lisa’s help when we were trying to have children, when we changed jobs, and when we needed to find the right school for our children. We are so grateful for her help.”
-Cynthia and Larry
“Lisa was a tremendous counselor, resource and friend to us as we dealt with many unforeseen obstacles in starting our family. She provided an ear or shoulder when needed, sound advice on pursuing a range of options, and exceptional coaching as we navigated the trials of both fertility treatments and adoption. We now have our hands joyfully full with 2 little ones and are endlessly appreciative to have had Lisa in our corner throughout our journey.”
-Robin and Dave
“Ms. Schuman did a wonderful job educating our parents about the difficulties they are facing with their children. She is knowledgeable about a vast array of subjects in special education, adoption and temperament. We have already asked her to return next year to discuss parenting issues for individuals who built their families through egg and sperm donation.”
-Dr. Clare Cosentino, Director of Psychological Services, Stephen Gaynor School