Our Team

Lisa SchumanLisa Schuman, LCSW

Founding Director of The Center for Family Building 

Lisa is the former Chair of the Egg Freezing Task Force for the Mental Health Professional Group of the ASRM from its inception in 2008 until 2016. She sat on the board of the American Fertility Association and was a group leader for RESOLVE. She is also founding director of Adoption Cooperative Consultants, and is a supervisor and a member of the faculty at the Object Relations Institute.

Ms. Schuman is the principal investigator for many studies in egg freezing and was honored with three awards for her research by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society.

She has lectured extensively and has written numerous articles on a variety of family building subjects including LGBT and single parent family building, and runs workshops for children who joined their families through gamete donation or adoption.


Carolyn Berger, LCSW 

Carolyn has been helping people build families through fertility treatment and adoption for over 25 years. Once her clients become parents, she is available for consultation on issues ranging from disclosing donor or adoption information to young children to coping with the needs of children who have learning differences.

Carolyn provides consultation to fertility clinics, individuals and couples.  She also leads groups and provides workshops on donor and adoption related issues. Carolyn counsels people dealing with pregnancy loss at the National Council for Jewish Women and leads a group on Parenthood Through Adoption at the LGBT Center in NYC.

She is Founding Board Chair of The American Fertility Association, now Path2Parenthood.  Carolyn is Chair of Path2Parenthood’s Adoption Advisory Council and a member of ASRM’s Mental Health Professionals Group.

Carolyn is both a biological and an adoptive parent.


Benjamin Meyer, LCSW 

Benjamin works with individuals, couples and families at all stages of their family building journeys.   HIs initial interest in helping families came from international experience providing trauma relief to victims of the Salvadorian Civil War and Chilean dictatorship. He experienced, first hand, how counseling can be enormously effective, even under the most stressful circumstances.  As a fluent Spanish speaker he can help families with diverse cultural backgrounds.

Benjamin has earned a certificate in psychodynamic psychotherapy from the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy and completed a family training program at the Ackerman Institute for the Family.  He has a frequently visited blog and writes for numerous publications and websites.

Benjamin understands that once your child is home, the lifetime of work begins.  He has had extensive experience in helping parents employ meaningful parenting strategies and can help them navigate their child’s emotional and educational difficulties.